Lasertag variants

Laser games in the laser arenas

Lasertag Foto - Frau und Mann mit Phaser Rücken an Rücken

Team Deathmatch

Two or more teams compete against each other and have to try to get as many hits as possible on the opposing team's vest. The team that has either scored the most points or has the better ratio of hits to goals wins.

Capture the Flag

The opposing teams try to defend their own base and at the same time mark the enemy base with fire. The team that has the most hits or the best hit ratio wins. This is the virtual conquest of the flag, as it is known in paintball.


Since a laser dome is a virtual, closed landscape (hall), this game can be played in complete darkness. Only signal lamps on the vests or full body suits show the team memberships.

VIP Mode

One person receives VIP status. The team has to protect the VIP. If you hit him, you get additional points. If the VIP is hit 15 times, the whole team is eliminated.

Darkgames Stealth

The stealth variant is a solo game. Several players go into a completely darkened arena. The lights on vests or full-body suits are also switched off. Everyone plays against everyone and can only rely on their hearing to find their opponents. The player who scored the most hits wins.

Zombie Mode

A person is given zombie status. If the zombie hits you three times, you will also become a zombie and this will continue until the end of the game.
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