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Recommended minimum age 7 years

Lasertag is an indoor trend sport, which is played against each other in one or more teams in a futuristic-looking environment. This game environment – the Lasertag-Arena or Lasertag-Hall – is divided into different subject areas or courses, the so-called Lasertag-Areas.

Darkness, fluorescent light as well as one Background sound (Background audio) form the perfect setting for a Top event in the team, at which difficulties and game goals are adapted to the age and preferences of the players.

After a briefing, the players will receive this Laser-Equipment, consisting of one equipped with sensors Lasertag-vest and an Infrared marker, a so-called Laser-Phaser, with which the vest of the opponent is marked by infrared beam - the opponent becomes tagged and is deactivated for approx. 6 seconds and has the opportunity to hide again.

Locations are Lasertag-Arena Zurich, Lasertag-Arena Lucerne and Lasertag-Arena Bern.

Lasertag » the lasergame

The largest laser tag arenas in Switzerland in Lucerne, Zurich and Bern

  • Harmless
    Absolutely harmless, without pain, without protective clothing
  • Variety
    Different game variants regularly provide variety
  • Adrenaline
    12 minutes of pure release of adrenaline & endorphins
  • Hiding spots
    Countless obstacles and hiding spots
  • Play areas
    Play areas over several floors
  • Teams
    Up to 6 teams and 64 players


Our professional laser tag equipment leaves nothing to be desired

  • Accuracy
    Accurate at more than 35 m
  • S.W.A.T.
    S.W.A.T. Laser and S.W.A.T. light
  • Realism
    Nine hits for perfect realism
  • QR-Codes
    Result cards with QR-Codes
  • PowerPods
    PowerPods and MiniPods mines
  • Sound
    High quality sound system
  • Teams
    Up to 6 teams and 64 players
  • Happy-Birthday

Lasertag is THE gift idea

Leisure activity and team event

Lasertag FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the lasergame

What is Lasertag?
Lasertag is a game in which two or more players try to complete different tasks on a special course or in several rooms. In the laser game, teams compete against each other, similar to other sports. The team has to score the most points and win the game. Harmless infrared signaling devices are available as an aid.

From what age can you play lasertag?
The recommended minimum age for Lasertag is 7 years.

Payment for the laser game:
You can pay in cash, by EC, Postcard, Visa, Amex and Eurocard.

Lasertag vouchers:
You can buy vouchers from us and of course pay with a voucher that was given to you.

Showers and changing rooms:
There are changing facilities at all locations. There are only showers in Bern

What to wear for laser tag:
There are no clothing regulations for Lasertag. In general, it is better to wear sporty clothing that does not hinder you during laser tag.

Lasertag playing time:
In single games you have a total playing time of 12 minutes.

Is lasertag dangerous?
Lasertag is absolutely harmless, as the laser beam is only an optical representation and therefore does not pose any risk to the eyes. The shot itself is done via infrared.

Wheelchair accessible:
In Lucerne it is certainly possible, in Zurich too, apart from a small step.

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