Laser Tag

Also called “laser game”, laser tag is a game in which two or more players try to accomplish different tasks on a special course or in several rooms. The principle of the game is largely comparable to that of cops and robbers. Safe, pistol-like infrared signal generators (also termed laser weapons or phasers) are available to assist you and simulate an exchange of fire. The locations in which the game is played out are frequently named “arena”. The usual international designation of the game is “laser tag”.

Technical Equipment

Players wear sensors on their bodies, most commonly vests with front, rear and shoulder sensors, and optionally the phaser itself has a sensor (headbands with sensors are rare nowadays). If a sensor is activated by an infrared (or laser) beam, the suit or vest deactivates for a certain time and the player leaves the game.

Depending upon the arena, it is also entirely possible for several hits to cumulatively affect the length of time that the vest is deactivated. A laser beam similar to a laser pointer, helps players locate their target. With there being several manufacturers, many use their own technology for signal transmission.

Signal Transmission

There are generally two forms of signal transmission most frequently used:

Laser signal – signalling a hit takes place via a phaser which resembles a one-handed barcode scanner. A pulsed laser beam is used here too. As it would be rather difficult to use a 2 mm large laser dot to hit an equally large light sensor, the vest contains a cable made from thin glass fibres. These fibres then come together in a bundle on a holder positioned in front of a photodiode which catches the laser light impulses.

Infrared signal – this system works using the principle of a remote control. An infrared signal is transmitted either from the phaser to the sensor on the vest or from the vest to the phaser.

Game Variations


This is a multi-system tournament format. In several centres, tournaments are held at weekends. The crucial thing here is that at least three different laser tag systems must be used. This is to guarantee that no team has a home advantage. An Armageddon usually begins on a Friday evening and ends early Sunday morning.

Darkgames Stealth

The stealth variant is a solo game. Several players enter a completely darkened arena. The lighting on the vest or full body suits is switched off. Everyone plays against everyone else and can only rely on their hearing as they seek out their opponents. The winner is the player who is able to obtain the most hits.


As a laserdrome is a virtual, closed landscape (hall), the game can be played in complete darkness. Only the indicator lights on the vests or full body suits show to which team someone belongs.

Capture the Flag

The opposing teams try to defend their own base and simultaneously tag the opponents’ base by placing it under fire. The winning team is the one with the most hits or the best hit ratio. The goal is the virtual conquest of the flag, as in paintball.

Retro Zed

Two or more teams compete against one another and must try to obtain as many hits as possible on the vests of the opposing team. The winners are the team which obtains either the most points or which has the best ratio of hits achieved to hits taken.


Solo: One on one, without being divided into teams.